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We specialize in the Service and Repair of the highest quality recording studio mics .

The New MS47 Mark II

The new MS47 Mark II is a future proof design using no endangered tubes or other parts. The E81CC (aka 12AT7, ECC81) can be easily found and various NOS versions can be used if preferred. The circuit is proprietary and unlike other more common designs. It yields lower noise, distortion, and output impedance than garden variety tube circuits. All components have been chosen by ear. Previously, our microphones have been produced in very small numbers, and most are owned by a select few of Nashville's and the world's finest studios, artists, engineers, and producers. The Mark II design exceeds the performance of our EF14 design and enables us to produce a greater number of consistent high quality microphones. Found within:

• Siegfried Thiersch M7 capsule
• Custom Haufe BV8 output transformer
• NOS Siemens E81CC Vacuum Tube
• Handmade point to point construction
• Fully regulated Peak Power PSU
• Mogami Tube Microphone Cable with Neutrik XLR connectors
• Pelican case with molded interior
• Shock mount
Mics For Sale 

U-64's! How 'bout a GREAT pair of U-64's? These are super sweet! They come complete with Neumann boxes and dual Neumann PSU and clips! $3,900/pair

KM-848! This is one of only 10 prototypes of this model. This could be defined as a transformerless KM-84. Sounds just like a KM-84! $1,200

We're now also making the MS-12 that out C-12's any C-12!!! These are super hot looking and sounding. They're only $4,950 complete and are guaranteed to please.

If you have a C-12a with a bad connector/hanger you might want to change it out with this nifty 6 pin XLR job It makes everything nice and solid!!! $225 done!

We are now re-building all older Neumann mic power supplies. Including changing the East German Neumann (Neumann Gefell) AC transformers to 110 volt Haufe transformers. Call for info!

If your M-149 or M-147 is noisy we can help. We re-tube them with a MUCH better tube than was originally used by Neumann. They'll be quiet and stay quiet for a long time. $375 + return shipping

Does your U-47 sound thin or crappy? Do you have a "bad" VF-14 tube lying around? We're likely to be able to help. We've successfully rejuvinated a number of "bad" VF-14's. You pay only if we're sucessful.


Here are some mics that we've owned - these are NOT for sale (sorry)






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Peak Power power supplies

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